Beaches show off my internet tan.

I suppose it really isn’t much of a surprise that I’m a bit of a hermit. I was never someone that lit up parties or even felt comfortable around large groups of people. In a way that might have been for the best, seeing my peers fade away into the party scene or sharing sob stories of that night they had one too many. But at the same time, I wonder what college and high school would have been like if I was just a bit more outgoing. If I was just a bit more active in friendly relationships. Who knows, maybe I’m just a social butterfly that has a twenty one year long cocoon stage. Time can only tell, right?

I’m not a stranger to the outdoors, though my skin tone and general bug contact crisises may lead you to believe otherwise. I can safely boast I’ve been to the beach a couple times as well as camping when heavily prodded. When I do go to the beach, my lack of sun exposure becomes far more pronounced than I would want. From afar I might look something like a beacon of reflective light, hovering over a sand castle in progress.

The internet is a major portion of my life, which is a fact I’ve come to accept after having to live without a laptop for a couple days and freaking out. I’ve spent many of a would-be-productive hour rapidly hitting my StumbleUpon key, leveling up a fifth alt character in World of Warcraft, and checking up on my favorite sites. Does this mean I’m a complete and utter shut in? No.

I have a lot of hobbies, and a solid group of friends that share them. Sure, we may be entirely geeky but that’s not going to stop me. I’m happy with who I am and what I do. During the summer I work through Boces’ special needs children’s program and the rest of the year I work with GameStop. Sundays are devoted to game night, which gives me my greatest source of inspiration.

A person’s life doesn’t always need to involve wild parties or 300+ Facebook friends. I know my life doesn’t and yet I don’t think I’m missing all that much.


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