Interview With A Dungeon Master

As a part of my Life Writing class I was tasked to interview someone, preferrably a person that would further my blog theme. I could think of no one better than the person who introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons and who is also my group’s current Dungeon Master/Game Master: my boyfriend (name withheld at his request, referred to as DM for this post’s purposes). DM was originally someone that could be labeled as a jock, a member of multiple sports teams and eventually a sergeant in the military. Little did he know that his first encounter with Dungeons and Dragons would take place during his service.

The above is a highlight from the interview, edited and spliced to be more consistent. If you’re interested in the entire interview, click the “Uncut Interview” option which is a little over 9 minutes long.

Pictures to be added later.



  1. stuuuuu Said:

    First off, you really mastered all the technology behind this StoryCorp thing: the audio is loud and crisp, and you did a lovely job chopping & screwing (techno term; good thing) the interview.
    In other news, I was surprised that the person that introduced your boyfriend to D&D was so bashful/not forthcoming about it. I suspect if D&D players were more outspoken, more open about their love of the game (like you, for instance), that perhaps the stigmas attached to the game would diminish.

    (side note: how can I more effectively edit my interview clip as well as increase the volume of the audio. Responding via blog-post wouldn’t hurt my grade, either)

  2. Mary Murphy Said:

    Nice job on the audio editing! Also enjoyed your Lego/creatvity post, but I’d love to see a photo of it. Sounds cool. Nice to talk with you and class last week.

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