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Lego of my Creativity

The town is ruled by a retired adventurer king, his robust laugh the only merry thing during tax collection. A spiral staircase in the center of the town leads to an old wizard’s shop, his skeletal minions constantly watching for shoplifters and poor souls that wander too close. The blacksmith argues with the General Store owner as he notices the store now offers weapons as well. To the left there is an alley way filled with old crates and a rotting boat, a large burly man guarding the entrance to some seedy bar.

I’m not talking about Dungeons and Dragons, I’m talking about the lego kingdom I’ve created.

I’d love to tell you that my creation is something I did solely with the aid of my now 12 year old niece, or even some of my other friends’ nephews and kids. I’d love to say I wouldn’t be upset if I woke up one day and somehow every carefully placed piece was destroyed and I’d have to start again. But I can’t say either of these things.

The kingdom began as a fun game designed to play with my niece. I had never been the sort of Aunt to hand her a video game or help her pick out the best make up. Instead, the games we played were often inside miniature worlds of my creation, ones where whatever choice you made could end up good or bad.

“That towns person doesn’t want to help you.”


“You tried to feed him to a crocodile.”

“Oh… can I say sorry?”

“Yeah, that might help.”


My Christmas list consists of two things: gifts cards and legos.

“I was just telling your mom that we could throw out some of your old toys in the basement, that you don’t play with them anymore. Guess I can’t use that argument now.” My dad said jokingly after looking over my wish list.

“I can’t bring myself to buy you legos. They’re so expensive for just one little person. Why don’t you come to the mall with me and show me some other things you’d like.” My mother suggested, not wanting my Christmas gifts to fit inside a shoebox.

Yet my wishlist goes unedited, because I believe that there isn’t an age limit on creativity.

Note: I’m currently missing my electronic drawing tablet which I use to make images. This post will contain images when I find my tablet.


Interview With A Dungeon Master

As a part of my Life Writing class I was tasked to interview someone, preferrably a person that would further my blog theme. I could think of no one better than the person who introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons and who is also my group’s current Dungeon Master/Game Master: my boyfriend (name withheld at his request, referred to as DM for this post’s purposes). DM was originally someone that could be labeled as a jock, a member of multiple sports teams and eventually a sergeant in the military. Little did he know that his first encounter with Dungeons and Dragons would take place during his service.

The above is a highlight from the interview, edited and spliced to be more consistent. If you’re interested in the entire interview, click the “Uncut Interview” option which is a little over 9 minutes long.

Pictures to be added later.