Dungeons and Dragons: Nayinore Creation Story

I’ve briefly mentioned Dungeons and Dragons in previous entries, so it seems only proper to give an explanation of the game. DnD is a fantasy roleplaying game that is played with dice, pencil and paper. The best definition I can give for it, without going into pages long of information, is a “choose your own adventure” story. Following different rule books, the storyteller or Dungeon Master creates an entire world and story to allow players to work within. The Dungeon Master controls every facet of the world, from the common villager to the king or queen. Players create an avatar of themselves to exist in this world, and work towards a goal either together or as enemies (which often leads to player death). Imagine if you would a video game. You control a character and interact with NPCs (non-player computers). Characters can range greatly, and depend heavily on an individual’s imagination. You could be something as cliche as a noble knight or as original as a local baker equipped only with a rolling pin that manages to fend off an invading force. Its all up to you.

Rolling pins are very effective against skeletons.

Recently I’ve had the desire to become a Dungeon Master for my group. I feel I’m ready for the responsibility and task of creating an entire world from the beginning of time. This requires a lot of work and loving care to craft an interesting and unique world. Below is the story of creation I’ve designed, listing some of the major deities and some of the most important geographical features of the world of Nayinore:

Granted, I won’t be using a paint brush but you get my point.

Within the dark void of space, a single entity gazed longingly out at the thousands of stars and shapes that twinkled in the distance. It was then she saw two objects flying past, one of ice and one of earth. Reaching out with her long arms, the entity grasped the asteroid and comet, her hold loving and sincere.

The long armed goddess is usually shown with two arms, but she has endless.

In time, the two weaved around her, forming the sea and the lands that now dot the world. From the asteroid came a woman of tanned flesh and long brown hair. She was a being of earth, Nayinore, creating the first life with the help of her sister. The comet created a woman of opposite, Eravere, pale as the newly fallen snow and creator of the waters that all life needs. Together, a utopia was made and the long armed entity had the company she so desperately sought.

Eravere and Nayinore.

The new world caught the attention of other entities within the night’s sky. From the distant reaches came two others, a being of fire and one of rock. While the previous were of a feminine nature, the new comers were of male. A fact the two sisters learned all too well, love blossoming between the earth goddess and sun god as well as the water goddess and moon godd. Each of those that came offered something new to the budding planet. Liolei, the sun, brought light and energy to Nayinore’s creations. Tyrinae, the moon, brought order to the waters and helped light the night sky. The utopia still grew, and the goddess with long arms was pleased.

Liolei and Tyrinae.

But all good things must come to an end. Liolei found if he stayed too close, he would burn up the creatures now scurrying on the surface. He had to move away, until he was but a small circle in the sky. His brother, Tyrinae, was able to circle the planet and enjoy the embrace of the inner goddess as the sisters did. It was only Nayinore that wept, for her love was so far away. Jealous of how close her sister and Tyrinae were, Earth began to build a mighty mountain. The jagged sculpture crept upwards, growing with each passing moment in her crazed desire. The mountain moved past the clouds, past the skies and up near the moon. Yet she did not stop there, she kept building and building… much to the long armed entity’s dismay.

The mountain created almost touched the stars.

Nayinore did not know that the being that held her could not reach that far, and she felt herself start to drift off into the darkness she came. The other beings could do nothing but watch in horror as the grip of the inner goddess faltered, the earth goddess floated away into the unending space.

Gravity cannot reach forever…

The tears that fell from her sister’s eyes grew colder and colder, until ice covered the world. All life was slowly fading in her sorrow, and yet Eravere could not stop. The moon god tried to bring order once more, but even he could not control the ice. For many years, the planet was nothing more than a ball of chill, and it seemed that it would remain that way. But the goddess of the center did not give up, her arms stretched and spinned the world, bringing it towards the distant sun. Liolei, having been so caught up in his own mourning, was unaware of the planet’s plight until it was there before him. His rays melted away the ice, slowly and carefully, but the damage was still done. Half the world became a snowy wasteland, Eravere unable to accept her sister’s passing. As a final gift before the world returned to its orbit, the inner goddess was given part of his fires, her hold now warm to keep the planet from its icy fate.

Half fertile, half ice.

What do you think of the creation story? If there is enough response, I’ll be more than happy to post up more information on the fantasy world I’m making.



  1. stuuuuu Said:

    I must admit; I’ve often curiously thought about the inner-workings of D&D.
    I can’t say that I’ve ever played it, but I have heard it referred to and talked about for almost my entire life, which gives me reason to believe that there must be something REALLY fantastic about it, otherwise it would have died and joined Furbies and Tamagatchi in that great big fad-collection in the sky.

  2. getbananas Said:

    I absolutely loved your creation story. It was awesome! It was interesting and kept me engaged the entire time I was reading it! If you made a book out of it, I probably would go out and buy it! The characters you created were exciting and such a different take than others.

    I’ve heard of D&D, but only just heard about it. I’ve never learned what the game really entails. I find it fascinating!

  3. I must admit, I have never heard of the game Dungeons and Dragons before I met you. I can’t necessarily say it interests me because I’m more of a “girly girl” and would probably rather go shopping (or something along those lines, not saying that only girly girls shop.. anyway) your explanation of the game however was really interesting to read. I never would have known what the game was like until I read this post.

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