The Wind Dancers and A Lie

It was my first semester at UB when I decided to be adventurous and find something new to eat. I didn’t have to look far, considering the commons had plenty of exotic foods I haven’t tried. Heck, Subway had a lot of foods I haven’t tried. I suppose that’s what I get for being a supremely selective eater, as in fatty or salty foods only. The place I decided upon was The Dancing Chopsticks, a Japanese restaurant I was naturally drawn to after my first Japanese class. All sorts of wondrous and mysterious runes dotted the menus and chalkboards, and it excited me to know that one day I could read all of it.

Watashiwa Katorindesu. Onamaewa nandesuka?

After choosing the most familiar looking dish, because being adventurous often backfires on me, I sat down and watched the wildlife outside. The restaurant had a great view over the lake on campus where I’d see the occasional hawk fly overhead. The water was far more my interest though.

My first and last time seeing the mysterious dancing lady.

On the water’s surface I watched the wind graze the lake ever so slightly, leaving white lines reminiscent to those created by figure skaters on ice. And at the front, driving portion I imagined there being a small fey, laughing and dancing along the water.

Not drawn to scale.

I’ve always thought the wind was caused by some mystical force. As if it was something unexplained and sacred. Often I’d imagine small fairies giggling as they rustled the tree leaves, causing clinging droplets to fall on my head.

Fairies are jerks.

My boyfriend, in all his infinite wisdom, decided to explain that wind was very much a known thing, and proceeded to tell me the scientific reasoning behind it. At that moment my fantastical view of the wind was destroyed and I viewed everything scientific eyes. After all, if science explains it, it must be true.

Can you figure out the “lie” in my post?

Do you believe everything you read?

Or do you continue to question long after an “answer” is accepted?


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  1. I’m not sure what the lie is incorporated in your blog, but it well written. I never knew that restaurant was on UB campus, I’m really into Japanese food especially sushi. I’ve probably tried every sushi restaurant in this area, and loved them.

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