The Raven and the Rabbit

Vivian glanced through the newest addition to her library, her parents kind enough to refill it every so often as to encourage her studies. Books of history, of science, and of sport littered the shelves that were already past the point of full. Only her mother brought her books of actual interest, those of the fey and of dragons. Things of fantasy caught her attention far more than reality, for who could be pleased simply spending their days in a tower?

Sometimes she wondered if her parents had placed her there or herself had. The world outside her room was foreign and strange, and while part wished to embrace it in its fullest the other half clung to the familiar. Of course, that was until the Raven came


The Raven knew of many things, sitting on her ledge. He regaled her with epic histories, stories and song. His caw was no more unintelligible than a noble’s mouth, his words fluttering as his wings stretched and soared. But Vivian, while hanging to his every word, felt nothing more than a common Rabbit: afraid to leave the safety of her hole in case these sweet words were only bait. But still she listened and in time she looked forward to sitting beside the Raven, sharing her drawings and her fantasies that went outside the confines of her tower.

In their talks, the Raven would sometimes speak of an old Witch, a woman that longed to keep him in a cage forever. While stunning to behold, the Witch was rotting on the inside and her rot had begun to spread to the Raven himself. Vivian too had a suitor, though he aspired for nothing and thus made Nothing of himself. The Rabbit knew that in time his nothingness would swallow her as well, extinguishing the spark of adventure within her.

It took more courage than she thought she owned to turn the Nothing away. His heart grew dulled at her decline, while she felt more free than she had for months. Finally her head peaked beyond her hole, into the world the Raven had told her. In the sky she saw him flying, the Witch’s hut far in the distance.



  1. dmlore1 Said:

    I liked this story, reminds me of myself sometimes. I feel like everyone can relate to sticking with what they’re familiar with!, and your art always adds the finishing touch…I always love the pictures šŸ™‚

  2. Pigeons ARE rats with wings.

  3. This story was interesting to read (I am really late on commenting on it btw) your pictures really add a nice visual to your post. Especially the last picture, I really liked how it was and how he is invisible even in the picture.

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